As a global company, Weber Shandwick is committed to building and promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation.

We embrace diversity. We recognise and respect differences based on a wide range of backgrounds and characteristics. Tapping into a variety of life experiences and personal perspectives enhances our effectiveness, brand reputation, employee engagement and ultimately, our success.

We value inclusion. We help our employees and business to succeed by creating and managing fair access in the workplace, promoting awareness of multiple world views and respect for their importance, and ensuring that all employees have the information and access to opportunities they need to succeed.

We are committed to cultivating a multicultural workforce.

Our goal is to be an employer of choice for the best minds in the business in an increasingly complex and demographically changing world.

We are actively developing programmes to enhance diversity and inclusion throughout the agency. Diversity councils and champions across our network of offices are listening, acting and launching new programs, providing a wide range of opportunities for employees to take part in our efforts.

Our efforts are driven by Judith Harrison, Senior Vice President of Staffing and Diversity & Inclusion, who has been recognised by numerous organisations for her career-long commitment to promoting diverse workforces. Under Harrison’s leadership, Weber Shandwick is cultivating relationships with diverse talent at all levels, joining organisations like the LAGRANT Foundation, the Ron Brown Scholar Program and the Digital Diversity Network to create professional outreach and partnerships. Weber Shandwick also funds scholarships, helping to create new industry-wide programmes and speaking at educational and industry events focused on diverse audiences. Building these relationships helps ensure attracting the most talented employees.

Weber Shandwick’s parent company, The Interpublic Group (IPG), shares our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.